When the moth enters in your closet, no matter the lavender products the cedar-woods and other stuff, it’s really hard to get read of the problem. Naphthalene or other chemical solutions were never an option to me. This oil was my 4th or 5th try, while I was almost desperate and ready to through away a few expensive cashmere suits. And miraculously... it worked. I want really to congratulate the small business behind this magnificent product. They prove once more that nature gives several solutions, we just need to work intently.

Apetr - Amazon

The smell is strong but of pure cedar, so the apartment smells quite nicely after spraying. Small bottle that lasts for long, sprayed for the first time in apartment and barely noticed any difference in the bottle.
Have tried various silverfish killer sprays that smell awful and are not effective, so invaluable with natural cedar oil that is not toxic to smell.
Got a wonderful package with a little gift and personal note from the CEO, much appreciated!

Sofia - Amazon

Comes in 2 4 inch high handy little spray bottles, came with some 3 sweet little wooden heart shaped blocks for spraying the oil onto,(unexpected, nice touch) lovely low odour cedar wood aroma, need to put blocks on tissue when spraying, but once dry there has been no transfer of oil, enough oil to last for me for years, very happy with product so far :)

Mr D-Brown - Amazon

I really like this product. It is very potent, a little goes a long way. Use to prevent moths infestations. Great as a natural fabric conditioner - a single squirt from the bottle into the fabric conditioner slot in the washing machine is enough as a fragrant alternative to chemicals.

PN - Amazon

I used to use very expensive cedar sachets in my wardrobes, to keep the moths away but also I do like my shirts and suits to have this subtle scent. I decide to try this oil as a substitute and I have refreshed the sachets this time around. Its also excellent value at the moment with the £10 off voucher.

kik38 - Amazon

Thank you so much.This is a fantastic product- really works.Smelly nice.Really excellent customer service from Swedish red.Little extra gift too THANK YOU VERY MUCH.To other customers do not compromise on cheeper chemical sprays. That are not healthy for you to Breath in.This works.It’s been 3 nights and no more silver fish.

William daview - Amazon

Pure and concentrated cedar oil, smells good in the flat compared to other artificial products. Effective towards silverfish.

Earls Court - Amazon

Very happy with this product which I needed to deal with small insects called silverfish which had entered my apartment. The product is easy to use, effective, and has a pleasant odour. Very impressed with the Swedish company who supplied it. Always great when a company exceeds expectations.

F. Stephen - Amazon

We had a terrible infestation of case bearing moths in this rental where the disgusting landlady had neglected to replace or clean the wool carpets for the past 10 years. Cocoons of the buggers were hanging off the wall, from books, buried in the carpets etc. Once hatched adult moths were just flying everywhere like a storm. Spraying with this oil regularly deters them, they just flee from it. I do not know where they go, don't really care, but they do go. This product is a lifesaver, given that I did not want to use chemicals due to ill health.

maria - Amazon

I wanted a natural moth repellent to spray around the skirting boards in my built in wardrobes. This fitted the bill perfectly. It is non toxic, not dangerous to animals and does what it says it does. I haven't used it for long, but no sign of moths amongst my winter coats or woollies.
It took a while to arrive as it came from Sweden and had to contend with the COVID postal delays, but the company kept me informed and answered any queries I had within hours.
Highly recommended for service as well as product.

Momco - Amazon

This is an excellent product with a lovely smell that isn’t overpowering. A little goes a long way, too.We sprayed onto some cedar blocks and put them into the wardrobe, where a posse of moths were having a great time eating our woolies. Now the moths have gone elsewhere. Only a little is needed. We’ve ordered this before-and will do so again when we need more.Great product and excellent customer service. I highly recommend it.

Stardancer - Amazon

Expensive but smells really fabulous for me. Little red bottles look like a designer's scent.Be careful while spraying in the wardrobes - as an oil it can stain the fabric. I used it to refresh cedar wood blocks and sprayed below skirting boards against silverfish. Strong smell does not last long but a faint residual scent of cedar lingers for much longer.Be patient. Took a lot of time to arrive to England - still made it on the last day promised - 14 days after being sent from Sweden ! Also tracking not available on the English side.

Barbara M. M. - Amazon

Lovely scent, such a lovely note included and keeps the moths away. Perfect eco cedar spray to revive your cedar balls

snadz - Amazon

I had bought some cedar discs to try to get rid of the pesky moths but they lost their fragrance really quickly and I had to top them up. I had read some really great reviews for this oil and even though it was expensive, I figured it would be worth it. It was. The oil smells amazing and it's also STRONG so I felt confident using small amounts on the cedar discs and putting them on the clothes rails. Given these two bottles will last an age, it was totally worth the price. A lovely handwritten note accompanied the bottles - it was a lovely touch from the company!

Nesscafé - Amazon

Amazing! Expensive but worth it. We had lots of silverfish in our new flat,and after using this,they gone.

Valentina - Amazon

Fantastic product and fantastic seller!I don't mind moths but, ugh, not in the house. I use this on windowsills, door frames, and on those cedar ball things. Luckily I love the smell.First order I didn't receive, after contacting the seller they sent a replacement. Easy to talk to, very professional. Many thanks

MimiMacFee - Amazon

This is an incredible product. The quality is first class - smells fantastic - we top up ceder wood hangers, rails and shoe trees with this and it works a treat. Not cheap but remember it’s 100% natural and you pay for what you get. Can’t do without this miracle product and have bought many times.

Aren - Amazon

This oil smells fantastic - it was sent quickly and communication from the seller was excellent. Highly recommended.

alxnic100 - Amazon

Scent lends itself to the room without being overbearing. Placed some underneath our sofas so the lounge is protected from moths and is a delight to enter. The wardrobes are protected too.

Blue - Amazon

Arrived very quickly. Smells Of Cedar. Hopefully it’ll keep moths away!
Seller very good to put little one in with bottles. All helps to create good relations.

Pamela A. - Amazon

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